Who are you? | who are you | Danh Sách phim mới Hot Nhất

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Who are you? | who are you.

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Who are you? và các hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết này.

Who are you?
Who are you?

who are you và các Tin Tức liên quan bài viết này.

Một bộ phim ngắn mới của những người sáng tạo ra “The Gift”.

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animation,the gift,harmony,shortfilm,2D.

Who are you?.

who are you.

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24 thoughts on “Who are you? | who are you | Danh Sách phim mới Hot Nhất”

  1. I saw this video maybe an year ago. And it kept popping up on my youtube feed recently, i used to ignore as i had already watched it. But, today i watched it again and it gave me a hope, my lost confidence back, as i was really sad about being rejected a modeling assignment with a big brand after everything was set and it was the last bit. Universe serves you in incredible ways and we all are helping each other unknowingly. Maybe, we are here to help each other and universe is that mailbox which send all our prayers, writings, videos and everything to someone that is in need of it. Just keep creating everyone, it will reach to whoever it serves through universe. Thanku to the video creator, and have a great day everyone ❤️ y'all are beautiful.

  2. Woahhh the whole animation felt so short yet also so long

    I definitely got motivated through this film and basically just stopped worrying about this or that whatsoever— its so much more important to live in the present after all💜

  3. I think this video is a reminder to enjoy the act of creation, not dwell on your past achievements or chase fame. What you create could be infinitely valuable to someone. While negative thoughts, self doubt would come, we should not forget how far we have come and have the perseverance to try again.

  4. What Are theses types of animations called??? They have colourless characters and broad outline sketches…..I'm loving the way they are made……….And is there any movie that is made with similar idea?????

  5. I watch this video long ago but the YouTube recommended again and I thought why not….
    And it's worth it….
    I guess maybe everyone need a stranger to talk at some point to express their thoughts….
    Maybe it could help them to move on…..
    Life is about moving on right?
    Just need to take a shot when it's your turn….
    Thank you to the team for making this wonderful work of art…..

  6. I accidentally saw your video on youtube. I was curious and watched it and I really liked it, you did a great job. I subscribed to your channel. I also sent this video to my friend.

  7. being a 4th year college student is really giving me lots of pressure and anxiety. thinking what could happen in the next chapter of my life. i know its hard, but for now, i need to continue pursuing my dreams in life. thanks for this great video, it really motivates me to keep moving forward!


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