ByteFence Anti-Malware Review (Prevention) Pt.1/2 | bytefence | Danh Sách Các thủ thuật hữu ích nhất

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ByteFence Anti-Malware Review (Prevention) Pt.1/2 | bytefence.

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ByteFence Anti-Malware Review (Prevention) Pt.1/2 và các hình ảnh liên quan đến nội dung này.

ByteFence Anti-Malware Review (Prevention) Pt.1/2

bytefence và các Thông tin nhắc đến đề tài này.

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ByteFence Anti-Malware Review (Prevention) Pt.1/2.


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26 thoughts on “ByteFence Anti-Malware Review (Prevention) Pt.1/2 | bytefence | Danh Sách Các thủ thuật hữu ích nhất”

  1. For those asking if Bytefence is malware the answer is No. If anything its bundleware. The official program will NOT harm your pc. if you do have a version of the product that claims to need payment to clean infections and or attempts to lock down your pc and hold your data ransom it is not an official copy of Bytefence.

    Overall TLDR:

    Q: Is Bytefence malware?

    A: No although it may come bundled with other software and can cause issues if installed with another Product.

    Q: Is Bytefence a good product?

    A: Not Exactly. I personally do not think this product is a good choice for protection

  2. it is a Virus,

    virus name: ByteFence

    malware distributed as a 'bundle' with other software.

    their Videos on YT goes with:

    Comments are disabled for this video

    Bad ByteFence did damage on my PC

    ByteFence are Criminals

  3. What ByteFence is a malware. I test scan competition but I byte the fence so not harm PC fake Computer if it is'nt anti-malware than some thing happens to the Computer

  4. i actually recommend deleting it (im no fucking bot check my account ) now i just wanted to say that when i deleted bytefence my computer started running way faster i will post this comment to other bytefence remove videos so i can spread the word

  5. Idk what your talking about. So my friend just got a new laptop and it has Byte Fence. I don't know how she got it or where but she has it and doesn't know why its there. So her computer is totally fine until byte fence suddenly notifys her she has malware (note her laptop is completely fine before that notification) and when she clicks it, it asks her to buy their product and activate the license key. i told her that this "Byte Fence" nobody antivirus wasn't going to work so i linked her to malware-bytes. Ha ha ha, ironically when she clicked the link she was redirected to a malicious link. Since i didn't know the culprit and everything we were trying wasn't working, i suggested her to do a full system reset. And everything is fine and today she gets on her laptop and guess what? Byte Fence notifys her that she has malware and request her to buy the product yet again and ques her to activate her license. And conveniently, malware that ByteFence pointed out is the same malware that was in the previous infection its the same exact malware she had before. I told her to check if she was being redirected again and she goes on chrome and searches something to be redirected to a malicious website. I thought it was too similar to the previous scenario to be a coincidence so i looked up "Byte Fence Malware" to find a plethora of videos saying how its a issue. I don't care what anybody says anymore. Im almost dead sure Byte Fence inserts malware into the system and then request the user to upgrade their subscription to remove it. Either way if your looking to protect your PC, find another candidate, there are tons out there. FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS JUST DON'T GET BYTEFENCE

    TLDR im pretty sure this "Anti-Malware" is a virus
    Edit: yes i can speak english but i kinda rushed through this, sorry.
    Edit 2: The virus that my friend got was trovi, which is Ad Ware, which is detected by bytefence. I think i smell something fishy

  6. every day i open my laptop it sa rish found everyday and everyday new risk come and they ask me to buy they really want me to waste my money

  7. this thing somehow just downloaded itself out of nowhere

    only reason why I noticed it was because Iobit informed me of a new startup item detected

    so i uninstalled it before even running it


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